Maat is the ancient Egyptian principle (neter) of truth, balance, and justice. She appears to be a young woman with a feather in her headband. She measures things like recently flooded property lines while her mate, ibis-headed Thoth or Tehuti, writes the figures and notes on his papyrus scrolls and clay tablets. The old pantheons provide a set and setting of metaphors useful for our Work.


“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”—Magister Therion. These words present a broad definition of the High Art of Magick, and so serve us well. Humans can learn to recognize the seeds of events early enough to influence their course of manifestation. If you need to know the inner workings of our world, and the worlds beyond it, you must train yourself and work for such knowledge.


Nobody can confer Initiation on another person. Magical Orders, teachers, gurus and experienced colleagues can describe truths, provide books and sacraments, devise rituals and give advice, but you alone can achieve your “Eureka” moments. Having an Initiation ceremony is a celebration of your attainment, not an event that confers Initiation upon you. Truly enjoy yourself.


Maat Magick has more than one aim in its intent. First is the transformation of the Magickian into the realized Self; second is the transformation of the human race into its next evolutionary stage; third is the preparation of our species to meet and understand nonhuman intelligence and events beyond our present accumulated experience. All things change with time; why not touch what we can and guide it to beauty in love under will? This joy can be yours.

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"Everything that rises must converge.” - Tielhard de Chardin
"I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am not my emotions ..."
"You attain the stability you strive for in the only way that it’s granted: on a place among the fossils of your time"
"Will without love is cruelty; love without will is sentimentality. Love is the law, love under will."
“All that is, lives; all that lives is intelligent.”
"By the same mouth, O Mother of the Sun, is the word breathed forth and the nectar received. By the same breath, O Counterweight of the Heart, is the manifest created and destroyed."
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